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Selling your

service, or
experience !!!"

How much money will I: use for a vacation? use for retirement? use for down payment? use to remodel my next house? use to pay for child's college? use for a child's car?

First off, let me explain how this all works.  When you want to sell your property, you have what is called a listing fee and a outside broker, or co-op fee to consummate a transaction.  The outside broker fee is what you offer to get another agent to bring their buyer through your house.  This fee is to have the outside broker bring a buyer through your home is typically 2.8% of the sales price.  This is not 100% set in stone, but this is the number your will see the majority of the time.  Where you save money is on the listing fee.  Total commissions can vary from agent to agent.  Service, response times,  and experience also vary from agent to agent.  Some are great and some aren’t.  Let me put my 24 years of experience to work for you.  

The bottom line here is that by charging a 1% listing side fee, you are able to keep more of your money.  And, you will only work with me.  You will be able to call and get answers quickly.  I will also give you the latest when it comes to technology.  The more eyeballs we can get to see your home, the more chances we have to get a full, or over full, price offer. 

Thank you for visiting my site.  There is a lot of free information here.

Below is a savings calculator.  This is based on an agent charging 6% (3.2% listing fee + 2.8% outside (co-op) broker fee) versus the 3.8% (1% listing fee + 2.8% outside (co-op) broker fee) that I charge.  The savings are what you keep without sacrificing service, or experience.  The default setting is $500,000 – slide up or down in $5,000 increments to get your final savings.  The slider is set from $100,000 to $2,500,000.  If you need a quote outside of this range, please call or text me at 303.520.8700

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