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1 % listing fee

1% Listing fee


1 % Listing Fee All Services


Being able to get in touch with your real estate agent is vital to getting your home sold smoothly.  Things can happen quickly.  You need answers to your questions so you can make decisions.  I pride myself on being very reachable.  If I happen to miss your call, I will back in touch as soon as I can.  You will not have to wait long.  

market report

Let’s get an idea as to what is happeing with Real Estate sales in your neighborhood before we start talking about pricing your home.  I will provide you with a website that will give you the up-to-the-minute active, under contract and homes that have sold in your neighborhood.  You will have the ability to click on an address and get all of the specifics and pictures of each home.  This report can be customized to the style, size, and many other features so you can compare apples to apples with the click of a mouse.  You are also able to get an idea or how you neighborhood is trending.  Is there a glut of homes for sale and only a few under contract?  Vice versa?  How many homes are actually closing each month?  

Important information when trying to get an idea on how long it might take your home to sell and how much you may sell your home for.

let's meet

Before I conduct a Competitive Market Analysis, I want to get a feel of your home and see all the improvements that you have added.  

As we walk the home, I will let you know my thoughts on staging – should some furniture be removed from a room?  Added to another room?  I believe that a home should flow when being shown and I will let you know my thoughts.  Should the toaster oven be removed from the kitchen counter?  What can you do to the bathrooms, closets?  My mantra here is that less is more – I will explain more during the walk.  

Should I paint this room?  Repair this?  Replace that?  Is it worth it to upgrade this?  All these questions will be answered as well.

This and other walks help get your home in what I call “Showing Shape”.  When you hit the market, you want to “Put Your Best Foot Forward”.  In essence, you want your house to shine and I will guide you on making that happen.

Competitive Market analysis (CMA)

I will choose the 3-4 closest comparables that have recently sold.

I will then add and subtract values depending on  how you compare to the other homes.  Is your home 150 square feet bigger than a sold comparable?  I will add to your value.  I will do this for each house that I have chosen as a comparable.

I will then e-mail a 50+ page PDF with my pricing recommendations.

real estate net sheet

Rather than guess at the amount of money you will be walking away with at the closing table, I will provide you with a Real Estate Net Sheet based upon a certain sale price.  This will include all fees that you will incur when you sell your home.  

Preview the competition

Let’s visually inspect your competition.  I’ll set up 4-6 showings (if possible) that will be in direct competition with your home for buyers.  We can use this information to really hone your price before we go on the market.

Listing contracts

I will spend as much time as you would like explaining the relevance of each contract or addendum that needs to be signed.

ctme contracts

CTME contracts gives both buyers and sellers the ability to sign contracts and addenda from their computer, tablet, or smart phone.  

This service saves a tremendous amount of time.  Also, you will have easy access to all contracts if you need to reference them.

Automated showing service

Using Brokerbay or Showing Time is another service that I offer to keep things simple and easy.

Authorize showings via computer, text, or phone.

Receive unedited feedback from real estate agents that have shown your home.

We will have a list of all agents that have viewed your home.  When we get an offer, I can send out an email blast to all of those agents to see if I can elicit another competing offer.  If we have to lower the price, I can use this email blast to update all prior showings.

24 -Proffesional Camera- (photography, video, record)Created with Sketch.

hdr photographs

I utilize the services of a professional HDR photography company.  They will shoot 25-35 pictures of your home using the latest HDR technology.  These photographs come out bright, crisp and clear.  The more alluring the pictures, the more people we can get to view your home in person.  

Take a look at a couple of examples below.  Use the slider in the middle to see the vast difference between the two photographs.


virtual tour

Just about everyone starts their real estate search on the internet.  Let’s give them a reason to want to see your home in person by giving them a great virtual tour that they can view on their computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Use the arrows to work your way through the pictures below.  Or, just wait for them to forward themselves.

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hot spots

Hot Spots allow me to call out all of the assets that your home has to offer.

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but let’s point out why they want to buy this home.

Take a look at a few examples below.

Beautiful Leathered Slab Granite Counters

1 of 4

Brand New Honey Maple Cabinets

2 of 4

All Kitchen Appliances Included In Sale

3 of 4

Gorgeous Hardwoods Thru – Out Main Floor

4 of 4

$75,000 Kitchen Remodel!!!

1 of 6

Gorgeous Cabinets w/ Built In Pantry

2 of 6

6 – Burner Gas Stove

3 of 6

Slab Granite Counters

4 of 6

All Stainless Steel Appliances Included

5 of 6

Wine Fridge Included

6 of 6
Miscellaneous 51 final

compelling ad copy

Adding compelling ad copy to the brochures and the MLS listing backs up all of the crisp photo’s we have presented of your home.  I will accentuate all of the assets of your home with powerful, concise ad copy.  You now have a solid one, two punch to get more buyers into your home.

mls exposure

When we hit the market, we want to put your (home’s) best foot forward.  Your listing will be inputted correctly with the crisp, professional photos and compelling ad copy.  Your listing will shine.  

The MLS is the virtual hub from where thousands of other websites pull your real estate listing information.

'for sale' signage

We want everyone to know that your home is for sale.  A well placed ‘For Sale’ sign signals change in the neighborhood.  

Does a neighbor have a friend / co-worker may have some interest in your home?  

I’ll pair this ‘For Sale’ sign with full color 2-sided brochures.  I often get calls from buyers who happened to see the sign and want to take a look.

full color 2-sided brochures

My property brochures are designed to get buyers in your home.  Crisp photographs, compelling ad copy elicit buyers to want to take a look inside of your home.  Your unique website address (see below) and QR Code will also be prominently displayed on the brochure.

extensive internet advertising

The internet is one of the main reasons that I can offer the 1% listing side fee commission.  Using Social Media (explained more in depth below), I can reach the masses easily.  

When I submit your listing into the MLS system, you will be syndicated to the popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes, Denver Post, and’s. 

You will also be syndicated to all of the major real estate brokerage websites.

And finally, you will be syndicated to all of the individual real estate brokerage IDX (Internet Data Exchange) websites.  At my last check, there were over 4,000 such websites.

Bottom line, you will be everywhere on the internet. If a buyer is looking for a home in / around your neighborhood, you will be found.

social media

Social Media is here to stay.  I will make sure that we are regularly and prominently advertised on all of the major social media sites. 

I will send people to your unique property website (see below) where I will sell them on taking a look at your home. 

You will also have a link to this site so you will also be able to let all of your friends and friends of friends know that your home is for sale.

The more that your home makes the rounds on social media sites, the better the chance that it will land on the right person’s computer screen. 

Unique Property website

Roughly, this is as easy as (  

Throughout this website, I talk about putting your best foot forward when you list your home with me.  I pride myself on being as cutting edge as possible.  Therefore, I put together a phenomenal digital brochure of your home including the vibrant pictures, compelling ad copy and an embedded maps to showcase what restaurants / entertainment / shopping / recreation that your home is close to.  And, a bunch of Hot Spot photos to call out all of the assets of your home.

Even if your home is not the right home for the person viewing your site, they still have the ability to share the website with all their friends.

Here is an example of a unique property website.

Click On The Picture To View The Unique Property Website

open house

Let’s get your house sold.

I will hold your house open to get as many potential buyers inside your home as possible.

I advertise each open house extensively.


I am there the entire time your house is listed.

i will guide you through the entire process.  From before you go active till you get to the closing table.  I will answer any questions quickly and give my advice.  You will be taken care of during the entire process of selling your home.

ready to list your Home ?